2017 Event details for stallholders

Set up is on Thursday 2nd November 2017. Trading days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday 3rd - 5th November 2017. 


We will be open to the public 10am to 6pm on the Friday and Saturday and 10am to 4.30pm on the Sunday.


Potential stallholders who register with us will all be vetted to ensure that our event is a high-quality, genuine crafts event and not all registrants may receive an invitation to choose a stall. However, this is not the only reason and craftworkers should not assume that they are not eligible for future events if they did not receive an invitation to this year's as factors like balancing the types of craft on show also play a part. 


One 6ft table and two chairs can be provided to all stalls and are included in any stall fee quoted. Extra tables are charged at £15 each.


Electric is available at many stall positions. Stalls most suitable for those requiring electricity have an "e" on the end of the stall code to make it easier to select an appropriate stall. PAT test certificates are required for electrical equipment.



When you choose to exhibit at an Abingdon Craft Fair you are buying into a tradition stretching back over decades and most of our customers are regulars who have the date in their diaries from one year to the next.

But we know autumn events are many and various and all of them compete for our customers' attention so we will be supporting the 2017 event with:

social media - facebook, twitter, instagram, Linked In - please join our networks


local and regional press - PR and strong local journalistic support keeps the event in everyone's minds


advertising in local magazines, and in the weekly press reaching the vibrant City of Oxford situated just 15 miles away and hosting 9 million visitors per year.


Artweeks at Christmas - entry in the 24 000 run of the county wide art brochure distributed from Banbury to Bicester to Wallingford to Wantage.


local posters and our own Craft Fair Publication to reinforce the local message



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