Exhibitors Details (and where to find them)

Dear Exhibitor

Please check your stall listing below and email us if you would like anything changed. Some people prefer to use their name, some prefer to use a company name, and some like to have both. We are happy to put the details you would like up to a maximum of two lines which is about 60 characters. (More allowed if you are demonstrating.)

This webpage will become the basis of the leaflet that will be printed for the 2021 Craft Fair so please send in any edits you need before the 19th October when the artwork will be signed off. Email changes to marketingteam@abingdoncraftfair.org.uk


Exhibiting with us in 2021 are the following artists, designers, craftspeople and upcyclers:


The Theatre

Beatrice Leung: The Infusionist

Sally Dorrity Ceramics

Chantal Kelly Stained Glass

Hazel Williams: Laser Cut Designs

Rachel King: The Cotswold Clan

Stephen Hickman: Cabinetmaker

The Courtyard

Conkers Wood and Metal Crafts

JoJo CoCo Chocolate Bakes

Forged with Pride: recycled metals by Aidan Rowan

The Lower Hall

Vale Studio

Little Loves by Lucy

Lucienne de Mauny Ceramics

Nicky Pimlott: LigAmen Art

Christine Pettet: Christine Pettet Art

Caroline King: Flooseymoo Jewellery

Graham Mant: Pig Pen Pottery

May Wylie: sewn toy bags, bunting and tree skirts


Upcycling Demonstration Area:

Mad Mannequin by Carly

Little Bear Cake Stands




The Undercroft

Pat Edwards: Pegazian

Elisabeth Bailey Earthenware (includes demonstration on a treadle potter's wheel)

Vicky Cumming Jewellery

Once Upon a Rag Doll

The West Checker

Sophie Court: Acrylic and Silver Jewellery

Kate Coker: Silver Jewellery

Susann Haehnel, Artist

Jane Morton Driscoll: The Oxford Calligrapher

Claire Cross: GiantMousie

Susan Horler: CloakedinClay & SillyKate Glass

The East Checker

Jeanne Jackson: Ceramics

Annia Marcus: Silver Jewellery

Judith Berger: Glass

Bridget Wheatley: Silver Jewellery

Becky Morgan: Glass and Silver Jewellery

Vicki Lafford Garside: Textiles


The Long Gallery

Stella Campion: Designer Silversmith

Kayleigh O’Donnell: KO Ceramics

TinkerMade handcrafted gifts by Michelle & Phil

Tracy Koster: T.K. Designs

Melissa Orrom Swan: designer and artist

Fiona Laing: Scribblings- hand turned wooden pens

Red Panda Studio

Alison Holmans: The Chicken Run Studio

Heidi Parker Lampshades & Home Accessories

The Abingdon Honey Co (includes candle rolling “have-a-go” sessions with Michael Havard-Bilton & Lyn Barker).

Kristian Payne: Wildwood Loveflute

Charlie Davies Designs: art and jewellery

Lyn Harrison & Jo Bosley: Steventon Green Pottery

Clare Design: enamels by Clare Waite 

Priestlands Birch

Debbie Stevenson: Cotswold Glass Studio

Bunny and Bear Designs: Children's Clothes

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