Our Craftworkers, Artists, Designers and Makers

Abingdon Traditional Craft Fair takes pride in hand-picking craftworkers who are creative, genuine, small producers with quality products. We are looking forward to our 2021 show and expect to have approximately 60 craftworkers exhibiting. The gallery below represents the work of some of those who have confirmed their bookings- more to follow. If you are a 2021 exhibitor and you are not represented below please email us on marketingteam@abingdoncraftfair.org.uk with a jpeg or similar image file that you would like displayed. Or if you would like a new picture of your work uploaded instead also email us on the same address.

Nicki Pimlott, textile artist, Ligament Arts

Jeanne Jackson

Becky Morgans

Pat Edwards, Pegazian

Stella Campion

Christine Pettet Art

Oxfordshire Art Weeks artists

Steventon Green Pottery

Once Upon a Rag Doll by Margaret Rose Langley

Caroline King of Flooseymoo Jewellery

Conkers Wood and Metalcraft

Heidi Parker Textile Design and Lampshades

"Clare Design" - enamelwork by Clare Waite

Elisabeth Bailey

"Scribblings" - hand turned pens by Fiona Laing

Judith Berger

Kate Coker

Debbie Stevenson

Kris Payne of Wildwood Loveflutes

Sally Dorrity

Bridget Wheatley

Sophie Court

Vikki Lafford Garside

Oxfordshire Craft Guild

Annia Marcus

May Wylie

Helen White

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