Our Craftworkers

Abingdon Traditional Craft Fair takes pride in hand-picking craftworkers who are creative, genuine, small producers with quality products. In 2019 we had over 60 craftworkers present and the gallery below represents some of their work. 

Jeanne Jackson

Becky Morgans

Ticia Lever

Nikki Mortimer, Nix Bits

Stella Campion

Christine Pettet Art

Oxfordshire Art Weeks artists

Steventon Green Pottery

Debbie Stevenson

Elaine Newson 

Amanda Stone

Spinning and weaving demonstrations

Tam Frishberg

Working with clay sessions with Alison Jones

Sue Pearl

Kate Coker

Kate Wilkinson

Nathalie Hamill

Sophie Court

Vikki Lafford Garside

Oxfordshire Craft Guild

Annia Marcus

May Wylie

Helen White

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