Exhibitors Details (and where to find them)

Dear Exhibitor

Please check your stall listing below and email us if you would like anything changed. Some people prefer to use their name, some prefer to use a company name, and some like to have both. We are happy to put the details you would like up to a maximum of two lines which is about 60 characters. (More allowed if you are demonstrating.)

This webpage will become the basis of the leaflet that will be printed for the 2023 Craft Fair so please send in any edits you need before the 19th October when the artwork will be signed off. Email changes to heatherb@abingdoneventspartnership.co.uk

Exhibiting with us in 2023 are the following artists, designers, craftspeople and upcyclers:


The Theatre

Beatrice Leung: The Infusionist

Bridget Wheatley Jewellery

Kay O'Regan: The Upcyled Bag Lady

Hazel Williams: Laser Cut Designs

Anne-Marie Leggatt: A Snapshot of Time

Sarah Rushbrooke: Milldown Pottery

Jewelercise by Serena Fenty

At the top of the stairs - Sook Teng Vun's felt floral creations.



The Courtyard

Conkers Wood and Metal Crafts

Kate Kichin Woodturner: Kate's Kwality Crafts

Luce.eps - Luciana Malanga, designer

Tea Room Bambi serving coffee, tea and gorgeous cakes


The Lower Hall

Spinning and weaving demonstrations - try your hand at weaving.

Angela Pawlyn - weaver

Linda Scurr- spinner - with hand dyed wool from her own flock

Lucienne de Mauny Ceramics

Jenfleurs Crafts: handmade fabric notice boards

Sally Anne Stewart Linocut Prints

Marjie Sullivan: Felted Creatures

Art of Jaipur by Marea Brown

Tracy Webb Resin Designs

Emma Baldwin Pottery

Cosy Creative Crafts; glass art by Jane Wimbury

Alison Nash Mosaics

May Wylie: Sew & Sew




The Undercroft

Pat Edwards: Pegazian: Sterling silver and gemstone jewellery

Elisabeth Bailey Earthenware Pottery including demonstration with treadle potter's wheel

MÉON Candles

Amongst the Gorse by Thirzah Bragg with a copper embossing station for have-a-go sessions and  demonstrating on a Victorian treadle sewing machine

Cedarwood Arts with pyrography classes



The West Checker

Annia Marcus: Silver Jewellery

Gabriella Blakey, marquetry

Victoria Goddard

Amanda Stone Textiles

Kate Coker: Silver Jewellery

Jane Morton Driscoll: The Oxford Calligrapher

Claire Cross: Giantmousie

Susan Horler: CloakedinClay & SillyKate Glass

The East Checker

Jeanne Jackson: Ceramics

Kate Wilkinson Jewellery

Judith Godsland Bookbinder

Iain Shield Ceramics

Vicki Lafford Garside: Textiles

Becky Morgans: Glass & Silver Jewellery

Sophie Court: The Reversible Robin


The Long Gallery

Stella Campion Silversmith

Mags Pottery

Debbie Stevenson: Cotswold Glass Studio 

Drawn to the Wild: pen & ink illustrations by Steph HIcks

Michelle & Phil Jose, TinkerMade, Abingdon - handcrafted gifts

Abingdon Distillery

Tracy Koster: T.K. Designs

Melissa Orrom Swan: designer and artist

"In-Cahoots" marquetry and inlaid boxes

Vintage Adorments  - hair accessories handmade from genuine vintage jewellery

Charlie Davies Designs: art and jewellery

Clare Design: enamels by Clare Waite

SCR Turning: handturned wood by Steve Robbins

Beyond Bubbles by Carol Ross

Alison Holmans: The Chicken Run Studio 

The Abingdon Honey Co - includes candle rolling “have-a-go” sessions with Michael Havard-Bilton & Lyn Barker

Artists Fayre - Morland signs with a twist


The Marquee

K O Pottery and Mayforest Design

Helen Collins: creator of handmade bags- "Sustainable by Helen"

Heal & Sole candles and wax melts

Devine Times Photography - Martin Wackenier

"Fairy Fairy" by Jenny Eeley

Margaret Horton, Art & Jewellery

Fly a Kite Clothing: bright, handmade clothing and accessories for everyone.




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